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McCartney Coaching

Our Purpose:To help successful people take their leadership to the next level.
Our Principles:• Faith—first and foremost—in God.
• Integrity—that what we say and do are one; integrated.
• Responsibility—to serve putting others first.
• Enthusiasm—for our clients’ well-being and success.
McCartney Coaching partners with successful organizations to reinforce leadership at the top. Clients range from Fortune 500 Companies to family owned businesses, working with C-Suite leaders to high achievers in the succession pipeline.
Mike McCartney is one of a few who has earned the title, Master Coach, Stakeholder-Centered Coaching by Marshall Goldsmith. Stakeholder-Centered Coaching is used by 150 of Fortune 500 CEOs. Mike is also an executive coach with University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, a visiting lecturer with University of Toledo's College of Business & Innovation, and a graduate of The Ohio State University. In days past, Mike was a professional rodeo athlete; lessons he learned then are used in his coaching and keynoting today. You could say “This ain’t his first rodeo.”